About Us

Bejewelled - Lord & Lady

We are a London-based jewellery manufacturing and retail merchant.

All of our gemstones and jewellery are conflict-free and we pride ourselves on our environmentally-friendly standards.

Our step-by-step jewellery design process includes the hand-fabrication of items as often as possible, though casting or other machining may be necessary to create that perfect piece. Each piece begins as a concept dreamed up by one of our team of exceptional designers, and the concept emerges in sketches and proposals put together by the designer for review. The review process sorts out the most exceptional designs to bring to life. These designs are then re-sketched into more detailed sketches, moulded to create a "master" mould, accounting for space for gemstones and other accents, and sent into production planning to determine the number of pieces to cast. The master mould is then sent to the casting department for casting or to our master goldsmiths for hand-fabrication.

Once cast or otherwise created, stones are set as necessary, the pieces are finished by implementing various polishing and finishing methods standard to the jewellery-making industry, and each piece is individually inspected for flawlessness and quality control. The pieces are then gift-boxed and shipped directly to you.

Did You Know?

At any given moment, we have over 10,000 items in stock & ready to ship!

We are factory direct, so if there is a particular style or design you have in mind but have been unable to find, then send us your sketches and we can quote for exactly what you require.